Year 7 – 10 Students

High school is a difficult time for any student – moving from class to class, different teachers with different expectation and not to mention peer pressure! It is no wonder that many students start to fall behind, particularly if their literacy skills were always an area of weakness for them.

Small group tuition is an excellent solution for students who are struggling to keep up in the classroom or who need help to develop a particular set of skills such as essay writing, subject analysis or even understanding the language associate with different subjects.

We can help students who are having difficulty with:

– Year 7 to 10 English

– Year 7 to 10 Maths

– General writing and comprehension skills across all subjects

– Preparation for NAPLAN or year 10 end of year testing (OLNA)

– Development of study skills for students in preparation for upper school

– Basic writing development: sentences to paragraphs to essays

English is the most significant subject that students will study across their schooling, well developed literacy skills are essential to all subjects and difficulty in this area often results in a negative attitude towards other subjects and school in general.

Please note: From 2014 onwards Lifelong Learners will cease offering tuition for year 11 and 12 students. This is due to the decreased availability of tutors qualified in this area and the difficulties with timetabling these high need students around primary age sessions. This decision was made to ensure we continue to provide the best possible education outcomes for all students.