Year 1 – 6 Students

The early years of primary school can be a difficult time for students. If something has been “missed” in those first few years then it becomes harder and harder to keep up with the curriculum. This will often lead to disengagement and students “switch off” in the classroom altogether.

Some signs that your child may be struggling include:

– Struggling with phonics  (sounds in words and spelling)

– Having limited comprehension of what they are reading

– Attempting to memorise words and concepts but not being able to retain this information

– Struggling with creative writing and “getting ideas onto paper”

– Daydreaming in class and/or misbehaving

What can you do to help?

Teachers and parents that we meet with often tell us they have tried many different strategies to help their child improve. Realistically, there are only so many things that teachers can do when dealing with 25+ other children at the same time and mums and dads have their own pressures to contend with! This is where a tutor can help – group tutoring has been demonstrated to increase knowledge retention significantly, as well as helping to improve the thought and problem solving processes of participating students. The primary advantage of group tutoring is the potential for the sharing of a variety of views and information in a supportive environment.

What can we do to help?

We will develop an individual education plan to help your child target their areas of weakness in the time they spend with Lifelong Learners, as well as providing individualised instruction and scaffolding activities. This will be done in line with the Australian Curriculum standards for each year level.

The advantage to having a qualified teacher managing the business and an experienced classroom assistant working with the students is that we both have in-depth experience in a classroom environment. Lana knows all the tricks that students will try to avoid learning and Mel writes the individual education plans to be as relevant and interesting as possible so they can access the content and actively engage with it.

We can help students to:

– Develop their understanding of phonemes and graphemes and how these are needed when decoding and sequencing word. Spelling!

– Develop creative writing strategies to help with expressing their ideas in a written format

– Improve comprehension

– Retain information and recall it at appropriate times

– Improve basic maths skills and understanding of more advanced concepts

We can assist with English and Maths tuition as well as English as a Second Language programs.

Every child is different and I am sure you have specific questions in relation to your child and their needs. Please contact Lana today on 0431 467 964 or at