English as a Second Language

English is an extremely complex and difficult language to learn, not only are their 26 letters but also 44 sounds to learn and the many different spellings make it “a complete nightmare” for many people from different cultural backgrounds.

Lifelong Learners can assist students of all ages with their understanding of the English language. Having a tutor to compliment ESL classes at school or assist with the integration into mainstream classrooms can be an essential bridging tool to boost confidence and fill in the gaps.

As well as tutoring primary/lower secondary age students we can also assist select older students who are studying EAL/D through their WACE course enrollment. Our tuition will assist students to:

– Develop their vocabulary and spelling skills, including sequencing and decoding words

– Learn the different phonemes, graphemes and the relationship between them when writing and reading English texts

– Apply their knowledge of English in verbal situations as well as the written context

– Practice conversational English

Lifelong Learners head tutor Lana is a native English speaker who is also fluent in Vietnamese.