Lifelong Learners is dedicated to providing high quality, professional education assistance to those who are struggling within the standard curriculum.

It is not uncommon for learners to have difficulties within  a classroom environment and one on one tutoring is a solution that allows them to catch up on missed content and skills whilst boosting their self-confidence. The purpose of tutoring is to help students help themselves and to assist or guide them to the point at which they become independent, successful learners.

Just as “two heads are better than one,” having students work together in a group activity often results in a higher level of learning and achievement than could be obtained individually. With a strong background in behaviour management and working with students at educational risk, Lifelong Learners can foster independent learning in your child and their areas of need whilst also maintaining a positive, distraction-free supportive learning environment.

Small group learning (no more than six students per session) is available for students in years one to ten across a variety of subjects. These groups cater to each individual’s needs while creating a supportive and connected learning environment.

Please contact our head tutor, Lana, with any questions that you have regarding your child’s needs, enrolments or available services.

Lana Luu

0431 467 964